Edna H. Gray
Photography - 2003
Statement & Bio
Earth                    Wind                     Water                     Fire

Captivated by the found color, form and beauty that shows itself in unusual compositions in Nature.  These "realities" take on their own life.  It stops being about the experience or the specifics, but about the primitive and organic response that we all have to these images. 
They each have their own energy, and they attempt to trigger our senses.  
Can you smell the sea, feel the wind, taste the sweat?  You see the image; can you hear the birds, or the leaves or the dancers bells or the hooves pounding?  The experience becomes yours and the primal elements that tell us we are alive come to the surface.


Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1957, photography has been a lifelong passion for Edna and was the focus of her studies at Bennington College.  After moving to Indiana in 1980, her life shifted to partnership in business with her husband, Trevor.  She has been directly involved with the growth and success of their business including graphic art production.  Together they love to travel and enjoy being outdoors with their two sons.  Edna has recently completed two years study of Photography at Herron School of Fine Art in Indianapolis.

Fire                    Wind                    Water                      Earth         

1999 Lulu's Electric Cafe
2000 Lulu's Electric Cafe
2001 Monon Coffee Company
2001 Juried Show IUPUI
2001 Herron Student Show
Special Student Show 2002 @ Chandler Leagre & Mallard
2002 Orchard in Bloom Featured Artist
2002 Lulu's Electric Cafe
2002 AXiS Architecture & Design Show
2003 Indiana State Fair - Blue Ribbon
2003 Monon Coffee Company
2004 YPO Women's Conference guest artist